One of our privileges as Alliance people is to develop caring relationships with our international workers. For many decades the CD Missions Committee, CD Alliance Women, and CD Alliance Men’s Ministries have worked together to care for our IWs. We’ve done this through prayer, sending birthday and anniversary cards, letters and gifts, raising funds for special projects and outfit funds, making wordless books, rolled bandages and other ministry materials, and a variety of other creative means of caring for our IWs.

Every man, woman, and child can contribute as we band together to make sure that our IWs receive the care that will keep them on the field knowing that they are supported by their sending district! The following are a few ways that, together, we can care for our IWs. 

Outfit Fund

Together, we provide funds for IWs before they head back to the field from a home assignment. These funds are used to buy... LEARN MORE

Missionary Wheels

As a district family, we provide vehicles for IWs on home assignment. This simple but important ministry plays a key role in... LEARN MORE

Third Culture Kids

We aim to ensure that every one of our Central District TCKs (formerly "MKs") is adopted by a church who will... LEARN MORE

Additional information about this topic is available in the printed (or PDF) version of the Handbook. It is excluded from the online version for security reasons. To request a printed (or PDF) copy of the Handbook, contact the district Missions Mobilizers.