Urban Experience

Thank you for registering for the 2018 District Conference. If you have not already registered, please click here to complete your registration. Our theme this year is Open Our Eyes. We are asking the Lord to give us eyes to see our own hearts, His work and the darkness in the world around us.

On Tuesday afternoon of conference, we will experience the urban environment. Assigned transportation will take us to various parts of the city to see and explore all that the King is doing. We recognize that some of you may have physical limitations, so we have provided an onsite opportunity, still allowing full engagement in the urban experience.

Lunch and dinner will be provided onsite this day. Please dress comfortably in casual clothes and walking shoes. Plan to bring an umbrella in case of inclement weather.


Please review the listed options then fill out the form below, selecting your three urban experiences. You will find out when you check in for District Conference where you have been placed.  If you have limited mobility or prefer to remain on the premises, please choose ONLY option 8.

Option 1: Refugee Impact Center/Hope Center Experience

Option 2: Clark-Fulton Prayer Journey Experience

Option 3: Near West Experience

Option 4: Maple Heights Experience

Option 5: The Cleveland East Urban Experience

Option 6: Envision: Bridge/Refugee Ministry Experience

Option 7: Envision: Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Experience

Option 8: Onsite Group Experience

If you have already registered and paid the $10 fee, then please proceed with selecting your three Urban Experience options. Placement is on a first come, first served basis.

The deadline to make your selection is August 17!

If you have not registered yet, please click here to complete your registration before making your selections.

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If you have limited mobility or prefer to remain on the premises, please choose ONLY option 8.