Kingdom Course

Church Leader FAQ

Is this course in competition with my church?

The goal is to support your church! The course can be a great “side door” into your church for people who are not yet actively involved in Kingdom living.

What are the course goals?

  1. An authentic experience of the Kingdom of God by learning and doing.

  2. Life reorientation around Kingdom values.

  3. Active service to advance God’s Kingdom as a way of life.

What is covered?

Advancing the Kingdom of God through life transformation. This is accomplished through Holy Spirit dependence, missional living and Godly leadership development.

A course outline is available here.

What are the benefits?

  • For students: An experience of the life Jesus offers.

  • For churches: Spiritually mature members who are active in service.

What makes this course different than Bible studies or classes?

Relationship-growing over information-gaining. Learning is secondary to community, life-change and service.

Who can lead the course?

Anyone can be a leader. Training is necessary and provided.

When is it available?

In January as a limited Launch and other times after. Contact us to be considered.

What is the cost?

Training & materials are provided FREE for groups selected for the January launch.

Who is the course for?

Open-minded, open-hearted people seeking more purpose in life. The content is appropriate for mature Christians, new Christians and non-Christians.

Where should the groups be held?

A comfortable, home-like setting is best.

Can the course be held at church? In Sunday School? Small groups?

Definitely. The Kingdom Course is designed to build a community rather than a class.

What are the technology requirements?

Group Meets: An Internet device (computer is best), a screen, and how to connect them.

Students: An Internet-connected device for the weekly Lessons.

Workbooks are available when these are not possible.


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