Short term trips (STTs) are a great way to expose your congregation to missions, inspire new workers, and encourage potential workers. If you are contemplating sending a team or an individual from your church on a short-term missions trip, but do not know where to start, here are some places to go for assistance: 

Central District Missions Mobilizers

Although your Central District Missions Mobilizers do not organize or lead STTs for churches, their experience as IWs, their experience at organizing and leading the pastoral couples’ partnership trips and the Maninka Partnership trips, and their relationships with IWs qualify them to assist you in organizing and preparing your church team or an individual for a STT. They are available to: 

  • Consult regarding where to go, what to do, and how to get there.

  • Give you tips on travel agencies and travel insurance.

  • Provide pre-trip orientation, including resources like:

    • Prayer worksheet (to give to prayer supporters)

    • Preparation for interacting in a different culture

    • A DVD with a wide variety of helpful information

    • Logistical info (visas, immunizations, travel agents, etc.)

Bob and Dian Harner
Directors of Missions Mobilization
330-414-0554 (talk/text)

Central District Youth Mission Trip

Every 2-3 years an STT is scheduled overseas to give teens and young adults the opportunity to be a part of God’s work in international missions. These trips expose them to the global aspect of the Great Commission as we work alongside International workers and international churches to further God’s kingdom.

Matt Merendino
Central District Youth Mission Trip Coordinator


Envision is the short-term missions office of The Alliance. Through one of the 20+ global Envision sites, you can come alongside, partner with, and learn from long-term Alliance workers who are invested, building relationships, and leading impactful ministries on the ground. The Envision office can also help guide local trip leaders with resources, insurance info, training materials, etc. Envision’s STTs are typically 7-10 days long and have a minimum team size of four people.

Pastoral Couples Partnership Trips

On an annual basis, partnership vision trips are offered to pastors and their wives. It is encouraged, but not required, that both spouses of the ministry couple participate. These trips are hosted by Central District IWs and allow churches that are considering a partnership with a particular IW or country to get a firsthand view of the possibilities for partnership that exist and to assess how they might be most helpful. Because of the value the District places on churches being involved in partnerships and pastors being a major catalyst for missions engagement in their churches, the district offers grants to offset the cost of these trips.

Bob and Dian Harner
Directors of Missions Mobilization