Raising up new workers is the privilege of the whole church working together in obedience to the Holy Spirit and the Word. God calls new workers through the discipleship ministry of the local church, the anointed preaching of the Word,  obedience to God in the application of Scripture, and the prayers of the saints.


Prayer Tip

Set a daily alarm on your phone for 10:02 AM or PM (from Luke 10:2) to remind yourself to pray that God would raise up new workers

Pray for New Workers

Jesus told us, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Luke 10:2) We need to practice and encourage regular, focused prayer for the Lord to provide workers for his harvest field. Pray for God to provide them from our district, your church, and your family!

Guiding & Encouraging Potential Workers

As we pray for new workers, we must be prepared to guide and encourage those who respond to the Lord’s call in answer to our prayers. It is important for the local church to create a greenhouse culture in which potential workers are nurtured. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every church in our district sent out international workers who were raised up from within? Following are a few of the things that could be involved in your plan or culture:

The Annual Missions Emphasis Event(s)

Your annual missions emphasis events not only provide a means of hearing what God is accomplishing through Alliance workers, but also a unique opportunity to inspire new  IWs. Many receive their call to service at such an event. Encourage the participation of every age group and encourage connections between the IW and your children and youth, as well as the adults, who may be expressing an interest in missions.

Mentoring & Discipleship

The Alliance looks for five core characteristics in our workers: Christ-centered character, empowered ministry, leadership excellence, healthy living, and a Biblical foundation.

Short-Term Trips

You can help provide cross-cultural experience for potential workers through short-term trips by planning, recruiting, and assisting them in preparing for short-term trips.


Have a missions candidate to do Alliance Licensed Ministry Experience (ALME), or “home service,” at your church.

Partner with Youth Workers

Partner with the youth workers in your church to identify and disciple potential new workers.

Central District 100 (CD 100)

The CD100 is a group of around one hundred people who are called, committed, cross-cultural, and from the Central District. This group is made up of people—maybe you!—who are... LEARN MORE

Short Term Trips

Short term trips (STTs) are a great way to expose your congregation to missions, inspire new workers, and encourage potential workers. If you are contemplating sending a team or an individual from your church on a short-term missions trip, but do not know where to start, here are some places to go for assistance.