Since 1887, Alliance people have sought to reach the lost with the whole gospel – in their own communities and around the world. The need is still there today.

International Workers from the Central District

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Pathways to Serving

The Alliance provides several pathways to overseas service that are outlined below. While each pathway calls for academic and professional qualifications specific to that pathway, all international workers (IWs) are expected to be able to verbalize and exhibit God’s call on their lives, demonstrate spiritual and character development, and be in alignment with the values and vision of The Alliance. Funding varies depending on the pathway and commitments range from one to four years. Most IWs are expected to become proficient in a local language.

International Worker Clergy Track (IWC)

Typically, an IWC is involved in church-planting ministries, community development, holistic outreach, evangelism, theological training, leadership development, or other outreach. Most IWC positions require ordination for men. Consecration is encouraged, but not required, for women. Financial support is through the Great Commission Fund (GCF).

International Worker Vocational Track (IWV)

An IWV is typically involved in community development or educational, financial, medical, logistical, or other business-driven ministries. Some IWV workers may be financially-supported through the Great Commission Fund (GCF); others may be tasked to raise all or part of their own support.

Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA)

An integral part of The Alliance, CAMA is the immediate relief and long-term development arm of our worldwide ministry. CAMA personnel, often working side by side with Alliance IWs, help plant churches and serve in a variety of ministries that flesh out the good news of God’s love for people—body and soul. CAMA’s work is funded through the CAMA Advance Fund, with most CAMA workers raising at least a portion of their support.

Marketplace Ministries (MM)  //
Gail Barr  //  //  719-265-2051

MM facilitates the placement of marketplace professionals (business, medical, academic) who are called to serve Jesus internationally through their vocation. It is an association of Alliance lay professionals employed in international secular settings. MM personnel support creative-access ministries with emphasis upon building Christ’s Church, making disciples, and establishing them in the local church where possible. MM personnel seek to be self-supporting through their vocations; however, many rely upon partial support from the Alliance family and other financial partners. Designated gifts to the GCF have helped to establish MM workers in a growing number of countries.


While Envision is best known for its short-term trips, Envision site coordinators and associates run more than a dozen international sites. These sites provide opportunities for interns and short-term teams to participate in what God is doing around the world whether connecting with local churches, serving in urban settings, or bringing social justice to dark places. Envision workers raise their own financial support.

Additional information about this topic is available in the printed (or PDF) version of the Handbook. It is excluded from the online version for security reasons. To request a printed (or PDF) copy of the Handbook, contact the district Missions Mobilizers.