the amount contributed each year to Alliance Ministries by the people of the Central District

Alliance Ministries is the broad category assigned to all Alliance missions support monies that are channeled through the National Office. Within Alliance Ministries are the following three categories of giving:

The Great Commission Fund (GCF)

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the amount contributed each year to the GCF by the people of the Central District

The GCF is our primary means of supporting global Alliance ministries—it is our “missions fund.” It includes support accounts for Marketplace Ministries, Envision, apprentices, and International Ministries workers. The GCF enables hundreds of workers to care for the physical and spiritual needs of lost, hurting, and disenfranchised people in 70 countries and to help create access to the gospel where no access yet exists. It is a global fund that empowers workers to be nimble and responsive—walking through doors God may suddenly open into some of the most spiritually impoverished regions on the earth. 

Restricted Giving

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Non-budgeted gifts that are not covered through the compensation or ministry funds provided to IWs through the GCF are labeled as “restricted giving.” These gifts are generally given in three categories:



our target giving rate of local church budget to the GCF  (current rate is 15%)

Approved Specials

Approved specials are field-approved special projects that facilitate ministry through church planting, evangelism, education, leadership development, relief, building projects, and worker vehicles to name a few.

Work Funds

Work funds contributions are used to support a designated worker’s ministry projects that are not funded through the team budget.

Outfit Funds

Outfit funds are added to the worker’s allowance as taxable income and can be used at the discretion of the worker for items such as appliances or home furnishings, etc.

Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA)

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CAMA is the relief and development arm of The Alliance with an annual income of approximately $3.8 million. This includes donations for the CAMA Advance Fund and other designated gifts, including domestic and international relief efforts.