Our Goals

We want the Leaders within our circle of influence to have the opportunity to discover and thrive in a lifelong pattern of intimacy with God, discover and become exceptional in their gifting, discover their life purpose and live deeply satisfied in their calling, and discover and sustain a lifelong passion for advancing the Kingdom of God. We accomplish this with training, assessments, and coaching.  

We provide a variety of equipping tools to further establish you as you advance the Kingdom of God:

  • Touchstone Leadership is a 2 year journey which exists to help emerging and strategic leaders develop the foundations necessary for a lifetime of effective Kingdom impact.

  • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is a powerful and effective tool for understanding the motives and values that drive behaviors helping you lead with clarity and empathy, build stronger teams, and more effectively navigate conflict.

  • LEAD exists to train men and women to be ministry leaders - both those that are pursuing vocational ministry and those that desire to be more effective local church volunteer leaders. LEAD provides a local, effective, approved and transformational means for acquiring the basic ministry skills needed to radically reorient one’s life to intentionally and aggressively advance the Kingdom.

The Central District Office utilizes a number of assessments which have proven beneficial to individuals, staff teams, and churches throughout the district. On a personal level, leaders can utilize these assessments to discover how God has uniquely shaped their strengths, weaknesses, passions, leadership style, and ministry fit. For staff teams, assessments can yield clarity on team strengths, challenges, communication styles, and potential danger areas. And for churches, assessments can help congregations analyze their church’s health in numerous areas. Some of the assessments available through the Central District Office are RightPath 4&6, Leading from your Strengths, 360 Assessment, Natural Church Development Assessment, and the Church Health Assessment Tool.  For more information regarding assessments, please contact Janie Hill at jhill@cdcma.org.

Here in the Central District, we believe that God is in the business of strengthening the present generation of leaders through His Holy Spirit while also calling to Himself the generation who will lead us into the next season of His Kingdom Plan. We are deeply committed to partnering with God in both of those vital leadership investments.  As part of our commitment to both present and future generations of leaders, we are engaged in creating safe relational environments in which these leaders can discover their gifting/calling and deploy it into their circles of influence. Dennis Turner, Director of Leadership Development, engages in a limited number of coaching relationships each year to come alongside and encourage the development of leaders in the Central District. For more information about coaching and availability, please contact Janie Hill at jhill@cdcma.org.