Kingdom Stories Overview

Stories are important.  As we share our stories, we are like the stars that shine in the night sky.  The spiritual realm of darkness is cast out as we praise our God in the heavenly realms.  As those stories multiply, the light becomes brighter and penetrates the hearts of mankind.  As each one shares and hears these stories, God's people become stronger and unification of the Church occurs.  Multiplication has incredible potential:  Every person, every church, intentionally and aggressively advancing the Kingdom of God.  That's why we are asking you to share your stories.  Tell us how God has moved and is moving.  Let's cast out the darkness.

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Kingdom Stories and Their Effect at Heartland Church

We have been sharing lots of Kingdom Stories in services lately, and that's been a fun part of my new role. We recently had three powerful ones for Easter that blew people away! I've been reminded the last few months just how powerful stories are...and how EVERYBODY has one. We restructured our Sundays so that we have some type of story almost every week: stories from groups or classes that we can use to promote new groups/classes, service and missional living stories, salvation stories, other testimonies, and missionary updates/stories. The response has been amazing...including bigger sign-ups for almost everything we've done lately. Carving out five to ten minutes every week meant shortening the message a bit and/or cutting music down a song...but it's been worth it!

It's a challenge to find the stories and nail them down, and to convince people to share or not bail last minute, but we are tenacious. It also takes some effort to help people whittle them down, but we just decided to do it and not worry about it all being perfect. God has used them in cool ways to encourage and challenge people, and to create more of a family atmosphere where people know each other better! Something I thought I'd share that could encourage other pastors/leaders. 

Chris Durbin, Leader of Discipleship & Development at Heartland Church

o:  419.884.1684

Missional Living:  McDowell County, West Virginia

Romantic dinner prepared and served by the church

Romantic dinner prepared and served by the church

God moves during Date Night at Kinsman Chapel of the C&MA

“Imagine the lives that could be changed if we would practice biblical love….based on choice and not on feeling.  Imagine if we not only displayed this with our spouse but with others around us.”  Nicole Hines

Kinsman Chapel held a date night that was well attended and by a wide diversity of couples.  The couples ranged from those celebrating 61 years of marriage to newly engaged couples; couples from the church, outside the church, new to the church; friends of people of the church and those who had been estranged from the church.  The parents were ministered to and the children were included with their own event focused on God’s love for them and their family, and the importance of prayer.

The event kicked-off with prayer and then led into a testimony given by Nicole Hines of how God had helped her see that love is a choice filled with action not a feeling.  Specifically, He used 1 Corinthians 13:4-8  as an eye-opening realization for her on how God defines love.  Two years prior she and her husband were on their way to divorce but God moved in mighty ways through the ministering efforts of their church body and their marriage was saved.  As a result, Nicole and her husband are now able to collaborate with the Kinsman team to pour into the lives of other couples. 

Learning God’s definition of love ultimately brought Nicole to a place where she realized she had not been very loving and it changed how she engaged relationally with others.  As she shared her personal struggle, it presented an opportunity for all of the couples to examine the truth about love versus what they perceived it to be.  This point was further solidified as they watched a video together of a husband caring for his wife with Alzheimer’s disease and actively living out his godly love towards her, which then prompted further conversation about godly love.

The couples were then treated to a romantic dinner prepared and served by the church for them.  During this time in particular Nicole states “Relationships were beginning to be healed before our eyes as we watched the couples interact with one another over dinner.  Afterwards further relational healing continued not only amongst the couples themselves but also with others.  We were able to witness strained relationships even within the church get healed and people who had not attended church in some time get reconnected.  We saw a new couple to the church connect and fellowship with people within the church.  We saw couples surround a newly engaged couple and share marriage advice.”

God was on the move.

Kinsman says this is just the beginning of what they hope to see come of this ministry as they pray and plan toward future events.  God was present and it was obvious to them and to the couples in attendance.  He used His body, their gifts and individual testimonies to minister, just as He says He will. 

Please unite with Kinsman in prayer for Godly love in marriages, families, and relationships.  Nicole Hines is part of a leadership team that would love to give you more details about this event if you are interested in planning something similar for your own church.  Nicole can be reached at Kinsman Chapel of the C&MA at