By Bob & Dian Harner, Directors of Missions Mobilization

Have you ever:

  • Been late to church because you forgot to set your clocks an hour ahead the night before even though you’d been reminded repeatedly throughout the preceding week?
  • Been looking forward to getting 30% off at Kohl’s (or somewhere else) but missed out because you tried to use your coupon the day after it expired?
  • Tried to make an appointment with the doctor but not been able to because the office was already closed for the day – on a Friday?

We have.  It seems like even with the best of intentions, there are times when we are just a tad too late and we miss out.  It’s frustrating!

We don’t want you to miss out.  This spring we are going to be offering an electronic calendar with new options for signing up for International Workers (IWs) to speak at your Missions Emphasis events between June/July 2018 and June 2019.  We have a wonderful group of IWs who will be available: Trey and Tabitha, Mark and Kirsten, Wyman and Carma, Andrew and Esther, and Ben and Krista.  (Jessica will also be around this summer but will be scheduling on her own.)

In early April we will be sending you emails with profiles of the available speakers and sign-up instructions.  Then in May, you will receive an email with a link to the calendar.  At that time, each church will be permitted to sign up for one of the available dates for one of the IWs.  If we have more available slots after all the churches have signed up the first time, we will allow you to sign up for a second date and speaker.

This year we will be setting a deadline for the first sign-up (probably August 1).  After that time, we will begin assigning dates and speakers to churches that have not yet signed up.  It will be to your advantage to begin discussion, as a church as to when you would like to have your emphasis event and with which IW.  It would also be wise to choose two or three options in case someone else signs up for your first choice.  Churches that were previously on the Interdistrict Tour will join us in using the e-calendar this year. 

If for some reason you are choosing to schedule your IW speaker using some other method than the district e-calendar, please contact us as at as soon as possible.  We want to make sure your preferences are possible under the new national policies, and that every church in our district is served.

Set some kind of reminder.  Get the process started within your church.  Don’t miss out!