Men’s Ministry Reboot

By Les McMahen (Jim Boscaljon), Co-Directors of Alliance Men’s Ministries

Jim and I work in an industry that requires frequent calls to a Help Desk for assistance.  The Help Desk has a series of questions to ask in understanding the nature of the problem.  A few of those questions might be:

  • What is the error message? 
  • Have you experienced this issue before? 
  • What impact does this issue have on you or your team? 

It seems that when all else fails, the answer the Help Desk provides is to simply reboot your computer. 

In September 2017, the CD Men’s Ministries sponsored a luncheon for the District pastors.  We solicited feedback on how CD Men’s Ministries could be of assistance to the district’s pastors and churches.  One of the overwhelming responses from that day was that ‘men do not know what men are these days.’  To us, this seemed almost like a help desk directive of ‘please reboot your computer.’

With the help of Bob Hershey (Cleveland Pregnancy Center Executive Director) and Phil Lohmeyer (CD Disaster Response Coordinator), Jim and I coordinated training days at Crosspoint Alliance in Copley, OH and Buckhannon Alliance in Buckhannon, WV.  The training was entitled, ‘The Building of a Man’.  Sounds pretty basic, but sometimes you have to reboot.

We had over 35 men show up for these events.  The interaction between the men was encouraging and this motivated us to provide more opportunities for district men to interact, learn, encourage, laugh, and worship together.               

Bob Hershey presented a wonderful talk about the 'Context of the Modern Man' and just who men are in Christ.  There was good interaction as Bob facilitated the groups through where our society is trending, what people see in us, what we see in ourselves, and what God knows about us. Every man is made in the image of God.  I followed up with a talk on how to 'Construct the Biblical Man'.  Walking the men through Ephesians 5:15-20, I pointed out that it is important to be 'situationally aware' and 'spiritually aware' when bringing men to a deeper faith or even to an introductory level of faith.  It is important to not only plan events but to take advantage of every opportunity to speak into men's lives.  Phil Lohmeyer gave a very heartfelt presentation about the 'Concentration of a Serving Man'.  He mingled in his Disaster Response Ministry efforts, his personal testimony, his practical experience in security, and his experiences in the hurricane clean-up effort in Houston and the flood damage clean up in WV.  He pointed out the many spiritual reasons TO serve and many unfounded reasons NOT TO serve.  The spiritual blessings of serving far outweigh the reasons not to serve.  He provided many practical insights on how churches could bless their communities and gave the men time to process what that would look like in their context.  Jim led us in powerful worship throughout the day, some humorous icebreakers, and wonderful prayer time. He showed his heart for men's ministry when he facilitated a session at the end of the day about why we do men's ministry and what that may look like in the district churches, both good and bad.  He sought out the opinions of both the seasoned, more mature men and the youngest among us (the youngest was a 19-year-old).  

CD Men’s Ministries is rebooting.  If you need help or have suggestions about men’s ministry, please contact us at  Also, please watch for future opportunities that CD Men’s Ministries will be sponsoring regionally and as a District.