How ‘bout them mWheels?

By Les McMahan / Jim Boscaljon, Alliance Men’s Co-coordinators

Why does it seem guys like their cars so much?  We invest in them. We polish them. We clean them. We show off in them. If they are vintage or unique, we even parade around in them. Cars can become part of our identity. I know that may be taking it to an extreme and is stereotypical, but cars play a huge factor in our lives.  Since I was 16 years old, I have driven all kinds of cars. Some that left a lot to be desired and, a few times, new ones. Some that I was wondering whether I was going to be able to start let alone get to my destination and some that I didn’t feel like I had to worry.  I suppose I could do without one, but very glad I have the option.

Over 20 years ago, some Central District men’s ministry leaders decided cars should not be a worry for Central District International Workers (IWs) that return from the field. The IWs needed a viable option without purchasing or long-term rental costs. They also didn’t need to worry about major car repairs either. The IWs made a sacrifice to move places around the globe. While stateside, their only concern needed to be visiting churches, visiting family, and taking care of personal matters.  They didn’t need to worry about how they’d get there or spend a lot of time in repair shops. Missionary Wheels was birthed out of the vision of these men’s ministry leaders to care for these car needs when the IWs returned.     

Perhaps you have seen a recent article in the Alliance Life magazine about a similar program in Pennsylvania. It is a special thing to have visionary men’s ministry leaders that want to bless IWs.  From the CD’s Missionary Wheels program, cars and funding was and still is based on the generosity of churches and people within the Central District. Cars are donated to the CD Men’s Ministry. Depending on the condition, the cars are readied, repaired for IWs to use or they are sold to help fund the Missionary Wheels program. Repairs, plates, and downtime insurance is also covered by monetary donations. Currently, we have something called a mug dump where loose change is collected and sent by churches to the CD office in the name of Men’s Ministry.

So how ‘bout them mWheels? CD Men’s Ministries could use your help.  Recently, the administration and storage of the cars has moved from Zanesville, Ohio to Medina, Ohio. This is much closer to the CD Office. The CD Men’s Ministry has entered a relationship with the generous partnership of Medina Collision Center for the storage, repairs, and maintenance of cars that are donated.  Missionary Wheels currently has a fleet of seven active cars with one waiting for transition into active status.  The fleet is beginning to show its age with cars needing major repairs and several vehicles with very high mileage. Over the next year, Jim and I would like to replace two or more of the cars within the fleet.  This can come from car donations or generous financial donations to find good quality used cars.

Would you consider personally or through your men’s ministry helping the Missionary Wheels program?  If you’d like to know more about the program or to make a car donation, you can email, or  If you’d like to make a financial donation through a mug dump (we have special mugs for this – just ask) or check, please send it to the Central District Office with a notice that this is for CD Men’s Ministry/Missionary Wheels.

How ‘bout them mWheels!!!!