How Do We Know?

By Jeff Doeringer, Coordinator of Prayer Ministries

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We’ve all just come off District & Prayer Conference 2019.  Our primary question should not be, was it good, well done or polished, but rather was God there; and, not the omnipresent kind of being there but the manifest kind.  If so, how was He there?  If not, why not, how did we miss Him?

Speaking of God showing up, Bernard of Clairvaux (12th century) said:

“Yet however often he has come, I have never been aware of the moment of his coming.  I have known he was there; I have remembered his presence afterwards; sometimes I had an inkling that he was coming.  But I never felt his coming, nor his leaving me.  And where he comes from when he enters my soul, or where he goes when he leaves it, and how he enters and leaves, I frankly do not know.  As it says, “You do not know where he comes from, nor where he goes.” (Jn 3:8)...

You can ask me how I knew he was present…as soon as he enters in he stirs my sleeping soul.  He moves and soothes and pierces my heart, which was as hard as stone and riddled with disease.  And he begins to root up and destroy, to build and to plant, to water the dry places and light the dark corners, to open what was closed, set what was cold on fire, to make the crooked straight and the rough places smooth, so that my soul may bless the Lord and all that is within me praise his holy name.”

So how about it?  Did He show up for our District family?  Did He show up for you?  I am more interested in hearing what happened in you rather than anything I might declare that sounds really good in a newsletter. Or maybe you had some questions about how things went?  If so, email with a few lines of what happened for you, what you sensed happened for us as a District family or a question you have.

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A New Thing:  Numerous prophetic words shared at District Conference spoke of a new thing.  It would be absurd of me and not my place to say what that new thing is.  But, it is part of my role to help bring about spiritual practices that will prepare us to receive what God will reveal about the new thing.   If God is to take us to a new thing, we must find a new way as John of the Cross said “To come to be what you are not  you must go by a way in which you are not which of course echo’s the words of the Prophet Isaiah:

I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them. (42:16)

A New Way:  As we move towards this “New Thing” would you consider joining a group of other licensed workers that will practice a new way?  District & Prayer Conference was a good taste of the types of groups that will be forming so pick an area: Contemplative Prayer, Spiritual Formation or Gifts of the Spirit and let’s be faithful and responsive to what is stirring.   Groups will start in October so email me now if you’re interested. 

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