mo·bi·li·za·tion (/ mōbələˈzāSHən /)

Continuing Foresight 2020

“Hindsight is 20/20.” But with God, so is FORESIGHT! The goal for my 2019 District Advance articles is to help position us to more closely follow the Lord’s foresight. He knows where he’s going!

By Dennis Turner, Director of Mobilization

Do you remember what the title was for my January 2019 newsletter article? (I was thinking I’d give one million dollars to the first person to call me with the title without looking it up!) Instead, I’ll just remind you. It was called, “NOT church health or growth, but church mobilization.”

A general definition of mobilization is “to make something movable or capable of movement.” One author says that “two kinds of churches fill the Western landscape: those that are stuck and those that are unstuck.” Since most churches are “stuck,” we need mobilization!

The specific description for mobilization in the Central District is a community of believers working toward Christlike transformation of one another and reaching spiritually lost people around them. When mobilization is described that way, we can more specifically evaluate our churches’ focus and activity.


We want the MOB in mobilization. The goal is for every believer to be mobilized in ministry... every woman, man, teen and child. Striving for the transformation of other believers and reaching spiritually lost people is not just for a privileged and professional few; it’s for everyone! The church IS the people, and the whole church is to be mobilized for ministry to each other and for mission to the world.

We want to be MOBILE through mobilization. The goal is for all believers to be “on mission” with God in their everyday lives. The church is to be mobile. Unfortunately, due to the static nature of our buildings and times of programs, the values typically associated with church are predictability, stability, maintainability, programmability, and controllability. We want the church to hold the value of mobility.  

We want to MOBILIZE in mobilization. To mobilize people is a key leadership function. Our goal is not only to help people serve in a church building, but to be equipped as ministers and missionaries. Leaders must invest time mobilizing every woman, man, teen and child for greater kingdom impact.

Jesus On Mobilization

Throughout the gospels, Jesus did a great deal of mobilization. We tend to focus on the ministry he did by himself (e.g. teaching, healing, miracle-working). Yet upon closer examination, during Jesus’ three-year public ministry, he trained his disciples, sent them out, debriefed with them, retrained them, and sent them out again. He told them to feed the 5000 plus. After he taught them to pray for more workers into the harvest, in almost the same breath he sent them to be the answer to their own prayer. How many other examples can you find of Jesus as Mobilizer? Ultimately, he empowered them with his Spirit to continue his work and promised they’d do even greater things!

Imagine if Jesus had not mobilized his disciples for impact beyond his own time here on earth! Imagine if our churches fail to do the same!

Quick: without looking, what’s the title of this article?

We have identified 7 Marks of a Mobilized Church. If you want to know more about that, contact my assistant, Janie Hill, at There is a growing learning community in our District. I’d love for you to join in.