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Rev. Charlie Collier (Grace Old Brooklyn, Cleveland, OH) went to Unassigned on 6/4/18. He will transfer to the South Pacific District this summer.

Pastor Tom Csora (Non-Alliance Assignment) transferred to Sr. Pastor at Grace Old Brooklyn, Cleveland, OH on 7/1/18.

Rev. Gary Russell (Unassigned) transferred to the South Atlantic District on 7/1/18.

Pastor Roger Biada (Medina, OH) retired on 7/1/18.

Rev. Andy Vallance (Heartland Church, Lexington, OH) transitioned from Senior Pastor to Associate Pastor at Heartland on 7/16/18.

Rev. Dean Lancaster (Unassigned) transferred to the Alliance Southeast District on 7/22/18.

Rev. Tim Feather (Akron, OH) transitioned to a new role in Central Asia on 8/1/18.

Rev. Dan Scarrow (Central District) transferred to the North Central District as District Superintendent on 8/1/18.

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The Central District welcomes Pastor Neil Clark (Julie) as Associate Pastor at Hope Community Church (Olmsted Falls, OH). Neil recently completed the LEAD program. They have two children: Grady (10) and Zoe (6).


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Pastor Dan Kenyon (Meg) joins the district as Youth Pastor at Hope Church (Brunswick, OH). Dan attended Grace Church as a youth, and most recently pastored a church in Parma, OH. Dan and Meg have three children: Nehemiah (7), Evelyn (5), and Marilyn (2).



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Also new to the district is Rev. Andy Beare (Michelle), Lead Pastor at Heartland Church (Lexington, OH). Andy recently served in the Rocky Mountain District office, after pastoring a church in the Eastern PA District. They have one adult son, and daughters, Lydia (17) and Noelle (13).

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Leonard and D’Angela Tanks welcomed Dominic to their family on 6/22/18.