Where Are Your Eyes Now?

By Todd Sovine, Director of Church Planting

At District Conference, we asked the Lord to open our eyes.  We asked Him to let us see some of the stuff we may unconsciously carry around in our hearts and minds.  We asked Him to let us see His work in the world around us. We asked Him to let us see the least, the last, and the lost that He radically loves.  Many of us walked away from conference with a fresh set of eyes.  We saw things that forced us to stop and think, to stop and evaluate, and to stop and repent. 

Well, it’s been several months now, so let me ask you, how is your eyesight?  What are you seeing now?  At Conference, we expressed a concern that the King might open our eyes while in Cleveland, but then with time and familiarity setting in, our vision might grow blurry, as we encounter the tyranny of the urgent, the march towards next Sunday morning, and the drift to complacency towards that which we aren’t confronted with on a daily basis. 

So again, let me ask you, how is your eyesight? 

Let me encourage you to keep asking for divine eyes to see and for open doors to partner in God’s work around you (Col. 4:3-6).  He is always at work (John 6:44).  We have to live with a deep sense of divine expectation and engagement throughout our Acts 1.8 environments - our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.

Keep asking for divine eyes to see the lost, the broken, and the needy in your context.  Be the church for those that Jesus would most likely walk among today.  For some of you around the district, you will have to look hard to find the kind of poverty you may have been exposed to in Cleveland.  Don’t miss this reality - poverty isn’t limited to the economic arena of life.  Poverty is defined as – scarcity without adequate means of acquiring. This means that everyone, apart from Christ, is living in some form of poverty.  But, without divine eyes, we won’t always see it that way.  

We are all surrounded by individuals, neighborhoods, cultures, and communities that are spiritually impoverished. Lord, give us eyes to see and compassion to go, with intentionality. 

We can and should all play a role in coming alongside those who are deeply invested in advancing the kingdom among those who are overtly impoverished.  As part of the collective body of Christ, spread throughout the Central District, we need to invest time, people, and resources into the places and ministries that suffer under a poverty of time, people, and resources. Lord, give us eyes to see and compassion to go, with intentionality. 

Lord, continue to open our eyes and lift up our heads that we may see and go into the harvest fields of our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.