By Jeff Miller, District Superintendent

Stock photo of Dream Lake

Stock photo of Dream Lake

Pam and I went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado) recently.  We hiked to places like Bear Lake, Nymph Lake, Dream Lake and Alberta Falls.  Just two weeks prior to our visit Todd Sovine had hiked the same trails.  He came back with beautiful pictures of the reflections of majestic mountains and blue skies off of the clear calm waters of the lakes. However, a lot had changed in a short period of time.  We hiked in 20-degree weather and nineteen inches of snow.  It was admittedly quite beautiful.  Yet it was also frozen over. 

Along the trail in the woods, among the snow-covered evergreens, it was quiet and peaceful.  However, when we came over a rise and out of the trees to the banks of Dream Lake we could barely stand up in the face of what felt like hurricane level arctic winds.

And, there was no reflection.  In the midst of the freeze, we couldn’t see the lake clearly and certainly couldn’t see any reflection of the majesty that towered above and around the lake. 

Picture taken of Dream Lake by Jeff Miller

Picture taken of Dream Lake by Jeff Miller

As I shivered and snapped a couple of pictures at Dream Lake, I turned with Pam to head back down the trail and wondered about how reflective my life is (or isn’t).  We are told that we are to look in a mirror to make sure that we can see Jesus clearly in our lives and that people ought to be able to see the glory of Christ radiate and reflect from every aspect of who we are (II Corinthians 3:18).

Dream Lake is nice in and of itself but there are millions of ponds and lakes spread around the planet.  What makes Dream Lake stand out is the majesty and beauty spread all around it that it reflects.  But with just one deep freeze, that reflective nature is taken out of the equation. 

What are the ‘freezes’ in your life that can frost over any ability to fully and clearly reflect the glory and heart of Jesus?

  • Scurrying busyness

  • Purposelessness and aimless meandering through life

  • Sin that captures and hardens us

  • Frosted relationships and prickly edges

  • Self-centeredness and self-reliance

You can probably think of others.  Let us not let the chilly things of life so harden and cover the surface of our lives that people cannot see Jesus reflected fully and crisply in all aspects of who we are and what we do.  When people hike into our presence may they see the majesty of our King that surrounds every part of us.