Connect Your Kids with Alliance Missions in 2018!

Many C&MA churches like to give the children in their congregations an opportunity to con-tribute to a relevant “Alliance” missions project during VBS or other children’s programs. Churches are encouraged to adopt one of the following projects to promote missions aware-ness in 2018.

1. Schooling for Children of Women Prisoners in the Philippines

An Alliance team in the Philippines has developed a ministry among female prisoners in Manila. Many of the women are mothers and wives who have made poor choices. Their children often end up living with relatives who cannot afford to send the kids to school. Help give these children the education they will need to succeed in life.

2. A Library for Students at Alliance Academy in Jordan

Alliance Academy (AAJ) is private Christian school on the outskirts of Amman, Jordan. Mus-lim parents send their children to AAJ because it offers an excellent education in a loving, safe environment. But Alliance Academy does not yet have a library for its 270 students. Funds are needed to provide AAJ students with a well-equipped resource and study center.

3. Help for Orphaned Children in Vietnam

In several villages in Vietnam, many wives have lost their husbands because of disease or abandonment. Single mothers often have no other choice but to send their children away to find work or to attend an orphanage. Alliance workers have started several schools spe-cifically to help orphaned children. Funds are needed to support these marginalized young-sters.

Resources Available

The following materials will be available online in mid-February for each project:

  • ·         Introductory PowerPoint    ● Informative brochure (8½ x 11)    ● Prayer postcard (4 x 6)
  • ·         Project activity ideas    ● List of selected costs    ● Kids’ fun pages

These resources may be reviewed and downloaded in mid-February. Printed brochures and prayer postcards may be requested from the Alliance National Office while supplies last by sending your inquiries to  

Thank you for cultivating God’s love for the nations in the hearts of your children!