Top 10 Reasons to Attend Alliance Council 2017

1. FUELING OUR SOULS —Practice our Christ-centered calling by feasting on His Word daily
2. ENCOUNTERING THE HOLY SPIRIT — Engage with this most intimate member of the Trinity (Did you know that Council concludes on Pentecost Sunday?)
3. REFRESHING AND RESTORING — Rest, recharge, and step away from routines, crises, and usual obstacles of the day
4. HEALING AND WHOLENESS — Minister and receive Christ’s anointing for healing as we seek “the children’s bread” our Father provides
5. CATCHING THE VISION — Find out how God is moving us FORWARD as one of His
“end-times” families
6. LEARNING AND GROWING — Choose from more than 50 life-equipping, service-boosting seminars
7. GIVING AND RECEIVING — Be blessed by and be a blessing to other attendees as we let “iron sharpen iron” to refocus our ministries
8. SERVING SIDE-BY-SIDE — Be doers of the Word and not merely hearers as we “Reach Columbus Together” on Saturday
9. CELEBRATING OUR ACTS 1:8 COMMITMENT — Bear witness to and offer praise for all that God is doing in our communities and throughout the world
10. BEING THE FAMILY — Encourage, support, and love one another through life’s chal-lenges and blessings—but only if we show up!