Mark 1:14-15

Recommended Reading: Galatians 2:20   Romans 12:1-2                                                                                                                                          by Mike Brue

After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”

All-star athletes excel in the basics way beyond the average player. If you bring together a group of players like that, you have an all-star team. All-star teams win championships, not participation trophies. So how do you see your men’s ministry? How will you lead them to become an all-star team for Jesus Christ?

The goal of any Christian men’s group is to lead men to Christ and make disciples. So to end well you have to start well. Jesus gives us the starting point, middle way, and ending goal all in this short sentence.

The kingdom of God has come near…This single phrase tells us Jesus’ motives. Men need you to be up front about why you are talking with them. No one likes hidden agendas, unseen motives, and “gotchas”. There are several ways you can say this. Just don’t complicate the message. The message, “the kingdom of God has come near,” is a warning, a news flash, and an inspiration. If you try to mask or dilute this message so that it’s acceptable, you risk creating doubt and suspicion. A man outside of Christ needs to know that God’s kingdom is coming and he’s not ready for the new game. So you tell him to…

Change your mind…The word repent means a turning towards a goal or a person and away from what they were pursuing. Leading a man to Christ requires that you ask him to change his mind about sin, righteousness, and judgment. You ask him to examine his ideas about Jesus, about what’s wrong, about what’s right, and about consequences of his actions. Where did he get these ideas? What ideas does he put into practice? Which ones does he ignore? This approach allows you to keep having conversations with him. He won’t feel judged and you won’t come across as arrogant. You let the Holy Spirit work the conviction at his core. You remind him that you too have had to change your mind because you…

Believe the good news…Belief is not just a collection of mental ideas. It’s the active trust you put into something like sitting in a chair. It’s the confidence you have in the person of Jesus Christ as you live out your life. A lot of times guys want to share the good news before they have stated their motives (the kingdom of God is near) and what they expect (repent). It’s so easy to forget what it was like outside of Christ. Remember you needed someone to share Christ with you.

Jesus didn’t present the good news in academic words or with a marketing program. He told people the truth and He did it in a caring way. As you read the Gospels, notice that most of his conversations to win people’s hearts to God followed these three simple steps in a single approach.

To Take Away

·  Keep your approach simple.

·  Be honest. You went through the same approach with someone else. Share your personal testimony.

·  Keep the order that Jesus sets.

·  This approach works each time your men meet for ministry. Modify it as needed for the occasion.

Let Bryan Hetterscheidt or me know what you need from us. We can pray with you, help you find options for your men’s ministry, or connect you to other men’s groups in the district for support. 


Mike Brue

Men’s Secretary and Resource Coordinator


Bryan Hetterscheidt

Coordinator of Alliance Men Ministries