What is Family? A Lay Perspective on District and Prayer Conference

I got to sit down with my family this week, my extended family. This family shares the vision, passion, drive, and purpose that I do. It was inspiring, convicting, and so very encouraging. I love being with my family, my Central District family. I always come away with a renewed respect for our leaders and this year was no different.

We discussed business at the 2017 Central District and Prayer Conference as usual, but that business was woven in among stories that explain and drive that business. The budget and church giving was discussed (and discussed and discussed), but the stories of why this monetary giving is so important was also shared.

There were stories of pastor’s salaries in church plants that needed propped up temporarily so that they didn’t have to worry about how they would keep the lights on and instead could just focus on the mission of the King.

This is what my family does.

There were stories about leaders in hard places who play basketball and pray with drug dealers and murderers but are supported by a local church and Alliance organizations.

This is what my family does.

There were stories from across the globe of men and women who have been given opportunities to share Jesus with hurting and lost people in ways that only God could have organized.

This is what my family does.

My family is authentic. Our leadership strives to model those characteristics that they desire our family to have. Things like integrity, humility, honesty, courage, love, patience, and a determination to see to completion all that God has set before them. I heard stories of pain and derailment, but also about a God who can see us to the end, if we trust Him.

My family is diverse. I saw that God made my family from so many backgrounds. We don’t always agree on everything, and that can be hard, but sometimes God calls us to hard things, even crazy things that might not make sense to everyone in my family. And because God has called it, He will complete it. I saw that despite these differences, my family sticks together. Not only do we stick together, we rally around one another and celebrate the victories in each of our lives, believing they are all OUR victories as a family.

We are truly an Acts 1:8 family powered by the Holy Spirit! We are working in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the Earth by intentionally and aggressively advancing the Kingdom through Holy Spirit Dependence, Missional Living and Godly Leadership Development. I am so thankful that God allows me to do my part in His big picture!

By Becky Carter, Associate Director of Emerging Leaders