Men Who Don’t Need Jesus              

Psalm 73                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  by Mike Brue

Recommended Reading: Luke 9:7-9 Luke 23:8-12 John 18:36-39 John 19:12-16 Acts 18:12-17  Acts 24:10-27  Acts 26:1-32    

Many Christian men’s groups face the daunting task of trying to engage men who don’t feel any real need for Jesus. We are told that we get only two times per year to reach them for Jesus. Perhaps Christmas presents the best one. Oswald Chambers called them “healthy-minded sinners.” So we limit our efforts to seasons or events that might be favorable.

We have a hard time reaching them. They don’t feel the need for Jesus because their lives are predictable, reliable, and comfortable. Many Gospel presentations assume that a “lost” man is one who is down and in trouble. Jesus is presented as the One who can meet their need. Jesus does meet our need, our deepest need. Yet, these men don’t feel that need and so it’s not real. Besides, there are other offers for self-help, mentoring, and coaching that can fix their problems without all the demands that Jesus would make.

The men listed below represent a growing group of men that we face and must reach for Christ. The testimony of Christ that they hear and see in us does matter. What demonstration of Jesus do we give them? The Bible shows us what we are up against when it comes to present Christ to these healthy-minded sinners.

Herod—The Man Who Damaged His Conscience. This man shows up in our news reports. He has rejected turning to Christ from his sin. He loves his sin. He appears more commonly today than in the past. And he can mask his thoughts very well. Jesus does not give us the right to dismiss him. How do you present Jesus to this man?

Pilate—The Man Who Seeks His Own Interests. This man practices the practical uses of religion. He is an opportunist. He seeks Jesus for his own purposes. If there is an easier way to his ends, then Jesus is abandoned. How do you present Jesus to this man?

Gallio—The Man Who Has Better Things to Do. This man is usually upright with a sense of fairness. He is not weak. He just wants to ignore you. If you teach him how to ignore sin, you have him. How does Jesus teach a man to forget sin? By forgiving him. How does the rest of the world teach a man to forget sin? Just ignore it; think no more about it; realize your potential! How do you present Jesus to this man?

Felix—The Man Who Didn’t Want to Get Personal. This man is very glad to hear the Good News of Jesus. He looks at it as an interesting intellectual exercise. But when it comes to making a genuine change in his life, he pushes you off and walks away from you. He keeps looking for the offer, the sale, to answer his need for God. How do you present Jesus to this man?

Festus and Agrippa—The Men Who Play the Cynic. These men know how the world works, better than many Christians. They will listen carefully to your evidence, but walk away saying that you’re just making life too difficult for yourself. They got what they wanted out of life with minimum pain and effort. Jesus is just too complicated. How do you present Jesus to these men?

To Take Away

·  Who are the resistant men that you are trying to reach? What is the source of their resistance?

·  Jesus Christ is Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King. How will that guide you in presenting Jesus to these men?

·  What measurable, clear actions are you taking to reach the resistant men in your community? What would it look like for God to help you with these men? Take the time to talk to God and ask Him for His help.

Let us know what we can do for you. We can pray with you, help you find options for your men’s ministry, or connect you to other men’s groups in the district for support.


Mike Brue                                                        

Men’s Secretary and Resource Coordinator                                                    


Bryan Hetterscheidt

Coordinator of Alliance Men Ministries