This time of year, we look forward to lots of family gatherings.  Bob comes from a large family and sometimes introductions must be made when extended family members come from a distance to our reunions. The Alliance is a family, too – a Christ-centered Acts 1:8 family.  We’d like to introduce you to a member of our Alliance extended family.  Dave Manske has recently joined the Global Link team as a Church Liaison for the Heartland Region of which the Central District is a part. We asked him to let you know a little bit about himself and what his relationship will be to our district family.  Welcome, Dave!            

                                                                                                                          Bob and Dian Harner

                                                                                                                 Directors of Missions Mobilization        

It’s great to be part of the Alliance family! Folks from the local Alliance church in Lincoln, Nebraska, reached out to my recently widowed grandmother when my dad was just a boy. Because of that merciful act of love and faith, I grew up in that same Alliance church. That church “just happened” to have a passionate missions heritage which influenced my worldview.

My wife, Sue, and I have been blessed through the years with wonderful ministries in Wisconsin, overseas in Brazil as Alliance IWs, and as part of district staffs in the Western Great Lakes and the North Central districts. These ministry roles and experiences have molded our lives, and our family, during the past 36 years. We’ve journeyed from youth ministry, to church planting, to overseas in a variety of roles with amazing colleagues (North American and Brazilian), to roles where I was able to utilize my passion for church planting and missions at the District level. God has amazingly led us on a wonderful ministry journey!

We have 2 kids. Kate was 2 1/2 years old when we went to Brazil. She went to international and Brazilian schools, returning with us to the US when she had one semester left in high school. She is now an RN, and has been serving with CAMA in Poipet, Cambodia for the last 3 years. Ian was born in Curitiba, Brazil and came to the States when he was 9 years old. He’s now a senior at Dordt College (Iowa).

On October 1st, I joined the Global Link team, led by John Corby, as a Church Liaison. There are 3 other Liaisons — Rick Byham, Duane Wheeland and Bill Mangham. We are each responsible for about 100 churches that cover a variety of districts in our regions. My region is called the Heartland Region, and covers the Ohio Valley, Central, Great Lakes, Western Great Lakes, Midwest and North Central Districts. Basically, that’s West Virginia to North Dakota.

The Global Link Team, based out of the National Office, exists to nurture greater engagement of our local churches with Alliance ministries worldwide. In cooperation with local District Superintendents and their staffs, we hope to do this by developing and building collaborative relationships with local churches. This may involve missions mentoring, resourcing, information about partnerships, participation in vision trips, and many other aspects of missions mobilization — specifically focused on Alliance efforts around the world.

Personally, I look forward to working with the Central District in the years to come! Through my previous roles, I’ve gotten to know and appreciate your DS, Jeff Miller, Todd Sovine, Bob and Dian Harner and others on the district staff up close and personal. Your district has a very godly and capable team at the helm! It will be a joy to venture forward in my new role with you and your district.

                                                                                                                             Dave Manske

                                                                                                          Church Liason for the Heartland Region